Project Management

equipo de profesionales cualificados con amplia experiencia en el diseño, control y dirección de Proyectos y estudios técnicos de toda índole, relativos a instalaciones para la edificación.

What is Project Management?

It is a service that applies a specific method of approach, organization and resource management in order to successfully meet the goals of any investment project.

What does Madison offer as Project Management?

A team of highly qualified professionals with broad experience in Project design, control and management, as well as in technical analyses of all sorts applied to companies worldwide.

Services and solutions

The services that MADISON BC offers to its clients in any of the activities and fields of action indicated are the following.
Step 01.

Asset positioning analysis

Step 02.

Analysis of risks and opportunities

Step 03.

Analysis of asset current financing

Step 04.

Localization of potential purchasers and investors

Step 05.

Execution of workspace adaptation projects (Turnkey)

Step 06.

Advice and general technical audits in the installations field

Step 07.

Negotiation, legal advice and Due Diligence process coordination

Step 08.

Full technical assessment and review of projects


By contracting the services of MADISON BC, our clients obtain an average saving of 20% in the cost of General Services thanks to: