Facility Management

Our clients trust in our ability to anticipate to improve their business operations and that is our pride that allows us to evolve, grow and improve the quality and service we offer every day.

We optimize the space, increasing the development of your activity.

MADISON BC aims to optimize the existing relationship between Space, People, Processes, making the most of the environment and resources for the best development of the main activity of the company.

¿What services do we perform?

We put at your disposal our advanced knowledge on the latest techniques and trends in Facilities Management, proposing the solutions that best suit your needs.

Technical, administrative and legal management

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Alterations management

Turnkey projects, installations adaptation

Building management.

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Maintenance management

Property integral, office basic, industrial premises.

Workplace Operative Services management

Support staff, courier services, stationary, vending, document management...

General Services Management

We manage all the usual services such as security, gardening, cleaning, etc.

Transport management, work position movement

Management of transport, movement of jobs


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By contracting the services of MADISON BC, our clients obtain an average saving of 20% in the cost of General Services thanks to: