Consulting Services

MADISON BC's Consulting division specializes in urban, market, economic and technical analysis of real estate projects and services.

What is Consulting Services?

The purpose of Madison BC is to advise the client by providing them with all the tools required for decision-making in the fields of property, acquisitions and hiring of services.

What does Madison offer as Consulting Services?

MADISON BC Consulting offers a global service that allows solutions to be provided in each and every phase of the real estate cycle:

Consulting services

A concept of management and control of costs in all areas of the company, resulting from applying savings engineering through analytical processes of human productivity and technical means.
In this way, we seek to increase efficiency in the areas inherent to the internal activity of the building and its adjacent facilities, its quality, reducing unnecessary costs and resources, adjusted to real needs and adapted to the type and activity of your company, implementing tools that improve development and management on a day-to-day basis.

Strategic Sectors:
Offices, Industrial-Logistics, Retail, Shopping Centers, Leisure, Training, Hotels, Sports Centers, Residential and Land.


By contracting the services of MADISON BC, our clients obtain an average saving of 20% in the cost of General Services thanks to: