Services: Project Management


It is a service that applies a specific method of approach, organization and resource management in order to successfully meet the goals of any investment project.


What does MADISON B.C offer as Project Management?

A team of highly qualified professionals with broad experience in Project design, control and management, as well as in technical analyses of all sorts applied to companies worldwide.

Project Management

Our Work Areas

Our work scope comprises buildings of all sorts:

  • Office buildings
  • Sports facilities
  • Show & Entertainment buildings
  • Commercial and leisure centres
  • Public and private residential buildings
  • Institutional buildings
  • Educational buildings
  • Industrial buildings

Services and Solutions

Our Solutions:

    • Strategic Consultancy
    • Due Diligence
    • Market Analysis
    • Investment
    • Disinvestment

Our Services:

  1. Asset positioning analysis.
  2. Analysis of risks and opportunities.
  3. Analysis of asset current financing.
  4. Localization of potential purchasers and investors.
  5. Execution of workspace adaptation projects (Turnkey).
  6. Advice and general technical audits in the installations field
  7. Negotiation, legal advice and Due Diligence process coordination.
  8. Full technical assessment and review of projects

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