Services: Facility Management

Our Services:

  1. Building management.
  2. Technical, administrative and legal management.
  3. Alterations management (turnkey projects, installations adaptation…,)
  4. Maintenance management (property integral, office basic, industrial premises…,)
  5. General Services management (security, gardening, cleaning…,)
  6. Workplace Operative Services management (support staff, courier services, stationary, vending, document management…,)
  7. Transport management, work position movement.

What benefits do our clients get?

  • Minimizes the impact of bureaucracy on processes, increasing implementation speed.
  • Optimizes the use of human, material and financial resources, while reducing risks.
  • Maximizes synergies.
  • Enhances staff motivation.
  • Identifies potential risks and determines mitigation plans and corrective measures in advance.
  1. Only one supplier. Only one invoice.
    • Average 20% savings in General Services costs
  2. Improved negotiation with suppliers and contract management.
    • Energy optimization.
  3. Implementation of work risks policies.
  4. Decrease of company staff attending to tasks outside their work scope.

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