Services: Data Centre

How do we work?

Madison Building Consulting, thanks to the experience acquired throughout years, has re-invented the concept of Data Centres, offering our clients an integral project solution, covering the whole process of design, creation, building, transport, monitoring and maintenance of DPCs, as well as engineering, infrastructure, system management and software development services.

  1. Innovation in design phase
  2. Quality in the development of DPCs
  3. Phase sustainability
  4. Flexibility throughout the whole management and maintenance process

We create and maintain Data Processing Centres

    • Consultancy and Design
    • Low, medium or high availability
    • Scalability and modularity
    • Accurate room control
    • Disinvestment
      in energy efficiency. Sustainability.
    • Service continuity at DPC

Our Proposal

The DPCs we offer allow you to perform extensions or shape modifications in a quick and safe manner with no need to interrupt IT services. We provide the highest value in the ITC sector both in the national and international market.

  1. Growth based on efficiency criteria
  2. Services aimed at improving clients competitiveness
  3. DPCs based on TIA-942 standards

Our DPC projects are based on TIA-942 standards, establishing four TIER levels: TIER I, TIER II, TIER III and TIER IV, depending on the availability type which best fits your company.


We integrate control systems based on artificial intelligence techniques, where:

  • Server, rack, row and room consumptions at the DPC are controlled and optimized through virtualization techniques.
  • Servers microprocessors report data on consumption, performance and temperature.
  • Data actively interacts within the energy and temperature control systems.
  • Data Centre management software is integrated in accordance with ISO 20000, ISO 27000, ISO 16000 and PAS-55 standards.

In the environmental and sustainability area, MADISON BC uses the best available technologies and energy saving techniques, minimizing electrical energy consumption, thus saving costs.

  1. Energy production by Trigeneration
    • Environment and Sustainability
  2. Overhead distribution of power, data and temperatures.
    • Energy optimization.
  3. Integration of IT management systems and energy infrastructure
  4. PUE<1,15.

Added Value

MADISON BC is partnered with TISSAT, leader company in technology development, advanced solutions and services for complex communications and Internet environments, as well as in the development of communications infrastructures, providing consultancy, project management and Data Centre management services. WALHALLA, an eco efficient service centre for the ITC market with very high performances, comprising a total surface of 2657 m2, with TIER IV certification and built according with LEED standards.


Future situation

Savings connected to Walhalla model

  • Centralized and Efficient Data Centre
    From XX m2 ground floor to xx/5 m2 High Density

    80% total energy saving
    • 70% Reduction of Infrastructure
      and Maintenance costs
  • Improvement of service capacity
    Elimination of resource duplicity

    Service Industrialization
    • 50% Reduction of Process
      Management costs
  • 40%saving

Download Data Centre (PDF 0.5 Mb")